Accu-Seal Model 6300 Validatable Medical Impulse Heat Sealer

Accu-Seal Model 6300 Validatable Medical Impulse Heat Sealer, 6300 Series Medical Impulse Heat Sealer – for heat sealing pre-made pouches for medical packaging. 6300 Series impulse heats sealers assure the highest level of process control and are fully validatable. Superior process protection, innovative heat sealing technology and the repeatability and reliability required for sealing in your product’s intergrity.

The 6300 Impulse heat sealers are built to detailed and documented specifications and deliver equivalence throughout your facility, with repeatable, reliable performance. The impulse heat sealers are 100% validatable and calibratable across all seal parameters, ISO 11607, CE compliant.

Fully lock out protected alarmed digital process control, and high speed PLC with LCD touch screen HMI provide the confidence all seal process parameters: temperature, time and pressure are maintained Seal-to-Seal.

Accu-Seal Heat sealers are designed to meet clean room packaging requirements for sealing a variety of pre-made pouch materials. External verification ports offer ease of calibration. This robust heat sealing machine has many standard features to enhance production. Intuitive, User-friendly operation with password protection allows the operator to select from pre-set & named seal recipes to maximize changeover speed without compromising process control. Alarms for process faults, seal count, alarm history, and product support tray are all standard features on this robust impulse heat sealing machine, built to perform for years.

Model 6300 Medical Impulse Sealer Specifications

Seal Length
15″,20″,25″30″ or 35″
Seal Width
3/8″ Standard
Machine Length
Seal Length + 5.5″
Machine Width
Machine Height
Approximate Weight
28-40 lbs
Power Requirements
120V & 220V
Air Requirements
1.50 CFM @ 80 PSI

Please Note:
The Model 630 sealer has been discontinued. The Model 6300 is the current equivalent.

The Model 630ch sealer has been discontinued. The Model 6400 is the current equivalent.
The Model 630ch-mini has been dicontinued by the manufacturer.

Model 6300 Series Validatable Medical Impulse Heat Sealer Features

  • LCD Touch Screen and PLC provides digital control of:
    • Seal Temperature
    • Seal Time
    • Seal Pressure (Analog regulator with digital readout of Pressure and Down Force)
  • Password Protected Control of:
    • Seal Temperature
    • Seal Time
    • Seal Pressure
    • Alarm Bands
    • Alarm History
    • Seal Count
    • Calibration Screens
  • External Calibration Verification Output Ports and entry of Offset values via Touch Screen for:
    • Seal Temperature
    • Seal Pressure
    • Seal Time (No Offset)
  • Visible and Audible Alarms:
    • Jaw Obstruction
    • Seal Temperature with Settable Band
    • Seal Pressure with Settable Band
    • Cold Seal
    • Open Sensor
    • “Coyote” Timer
  • Additional Safety Features:
    • Emergency Stop
    • Safe, Low-Force Jaw Close
  • Production Enhancing Features:
    • Programmable Seal Recipes with Name feature
    • High Force Seal Jaw
    • Upper Heat 3/8” seal width
    • Seal Count
    • Product Support Tray
    • Seamless Stainless Steel case
    • Clean room friendly, External Exhaust Port

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