Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts by Machine

Texas Technologies offers a variety of replacement parts to help ensure our sealing equipment remains operational, with minimal downtime.

To see a listing of parts available for your specific Accu-Sealer, please select from the list of products below.

Active Products

Model 30 Impulse Heat Sealers

Model 35 Clean room Vacuum Sealers

Model 35G Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge

Model 50 Tube Heat Sealer

Model 60 Feed-Through Impulse Sealer

Model 235 Budget Vacuum Sealers

Model 675 SmartVac Vacuum Sealers

675TC Temp Controlled Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge

Model 830 Impulse Heat Sealer

Model 5300 Series Impulse Heat Sealer

Model 6300 Impulse Heat Sealer, Validatable

Model 6300P Validatable Medical Sealer

Model 6300SP Validatable Medical Sealer

Model 6400 Constant Heat Sealer

Model 8000 Medical Vacuum Sealer

HDMP Heavy Duty Impulse Heat Sealers

HDMP Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Sealers

HDMP3-TC Heavy Duty Temperature Controlled

Inactive Products

Model 20 Manual Impulse Heat Sealers

Model 730 Medical Impulse Heat Sealer

Model 530Plus Medical Heat Sealers

Model 540 Plus Sealers

Model 630 Medical Heat Sealers

Model 630CH Constant Heat Sealers

Model 635 Vacuum Sealers

Model 635G Gas-Vacuum Sealers

Model 635HP Vacuum Sealers

Model 635HP-G Gas-Vacuum Sealers