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Accu-Seal is the trusted choice for heat sealing equipment
and solutions that provide

Repeatability and Reliability

Our Commitment

Our customers are at the center of all we do. First, we work to understand your requirements and find a solution that best fits your needs. Then, we strive to provide the highest level of after-sale support for the products we deliver. Whether you need technical support, spare parts, service or repair, Texas Technology is dedicated to setting the standard for repeatable and reliable customer support.

Featured Industries

Medical & Pharma

Accu-Seal understands the critical importance of sealing integrity when it comes to your medical and pharmaceutical product packaging. We also understand the costs associated with “line down” production problems. That’s why our products are designed to withstand the rigor of multi-shift operations. Our medical grade sealers offer the features, performance, and reliability to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Industrial, Aerospace & Electronics

Whether your packaging involves static or moisture sensitivity, durability and protection, or other special requirements, Accu-Seal offers the broadest range of impulse heat sealers to satisfy your needs. We offer equipment capable of providing reliable heat seals ranging from just a couple inches, to as long as 10 feet in a single operation. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Bulk & Specialty Food

If your production volumes can’t justify the expense of factory automation, Accu-Seal can offer a solution that provides the features and flexibility to meet low- to moderate-volume production requirements. Our products are rugged stainless steel construction, providing for durability and regular sanitization cleaning. Our customers include processors of nuts, coffee, fruits, vegetables and yes, cannabis.

General & Consumer Products

The “nuts and bolts” of any business features equipment that serves a multitude of applications that can’t otherwise be categorized. Our products are used for packaging mechanical piece parts and kits, apparel, consumer electronics and many others that require a reliable heat sealing solution. Our technology is compatible with a broad range of packaging materials and thicknesses, with one of the widest range of seal widths available to meet your needs.

Have Questions?

For general inquiries about Accu-Seal or our products, please feel free to contact us.  You can also contact us regarding specific product needs, technical questions, or spare parts.