Texas Technologies is a certified distributor for Sealers.  addresses the packaging needs of cannabis and hemp growers, independent of the size of the operation, or its budget. is the preferred supplier among those looking for reliable, heat sealing equipment to address their packaging needs.

We understand the importance of dependable equipment that offers flexibility, ease of use and affordability. Our sealer products span the spectrum of packaging needs- from small, inexpensive tabletop sealers to larger stand-mounted sealers offering seal validation features such as temperature control, recipes and password protection.

Product Packaging- Large and Small

Budget Sealers

Heavy-Duty Validatable Sealers

Packaging Considerations

Achieving and maintaining the desired levels of THC and CBD post-harvesting is a critical objective to growers, distributors and processors. How the product is packaged plays a critical role in assuring consistency over time.

products are designed to help ensure the product quality during storage and transportation.

Gas Purging and Vacuum Sealing have been shown to be extremely effective in preserving the integrity of the product. The benefits of eliminating oxygenated air by purging and vacuum sealing using inert gas include:

  • Inhibits changes to chemical compounds
  • Limits potential for bacterial growth
  • Maintains product freshness
  • Improves integrity of buds and product quality.