Custom-Built Explosion Proof Sealers

Certified Explosion-Proof Vacuum Sealers for packaging in hazardous locations. Protection in locations where dangerous elements such as gases, combustible dust, and powder are present. Made in the USA. 


“Built-in-Accordance” vs. Certified Explosion Proof

For quality purposes, we always recommend third-party certification. We know this puts us in a unique position among machine manufacturers as we have competitors that have produced machinery without even once using a third-party certification.

Class I Locations – Flammable Gas Settings

Locations classified as Class I are locations where there are flammable gases or vapors in the air, such as natural gas or gasoline vapor which are deemed as hazardous for their potential for accidental ignition. When such materials are present in the atmosphere, there is a combustion potential. An explosion can result from electrical and non-electrical sources, which are harmless under other conditions but of extreme danger in a setting where combustible gases are present.  Electrical arcs become a source of danger in this type of hazardous location.

All of these Class I hazardous locations require very special equipment and operator training created specifically for use in Class I hazardous locations.

Class I locations include:


  • Aircraft hangars
  • Fuel servicing areas
  • Dry cleaning plants
  • Spray painting facilities
  • Commercial garages
  • Bulk storage plants
  • Areas with liquefied petroleum
  • Areas with natural gas

Article 100 of the NEC describes an Explosion-Proof Apparatus as being “enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding an explosion of a specified gas or vapor that may occur within it and of preventing the ignition of a specified gas or vapor surrounding the enclosure by sparks, flashes, or explosion of the gas or vapor within, and which operates at such an external temperature that a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited thereby.”

Class II Locations – Combustible Dust Settings

The second type of hazardous location is an area made dangerous by the presence of combustible materials, which may be suspended in the atmosphere. These combustible dusts can cause powerful explosions. While normally harmless, dust may collect in, or near electrical equipment and can interfere with the safe dissipation of heat from electrical equipment, or could be ignited by the operation of electrical equipment.

Class II locations include:

  • Grain elevators
  • Flour and feed mills
  • Plants with magnesium or aluminum powder
  • Medicine manufacturing plants
  • Producers of starch or candies
  • Sugar and cocoa processing plants
  • Locations with fireworks
  • Coal plants and other carbon handling areas

Class III Locations – Ignitable Fibers

Locations classified as Class III are areas where easily ignited fibers are present. Unlike gases and dust, fibers are unlikely to be suspended in the air but cause danger when they collect around machinery or on electrical fixtures and where heat, a spark, or exposure to hot metal can ignite them.

Class II locations include:

  • Textile mills and clothing manufacturing plants
  • Plants with cut wood and heavy sawdust
  • Paper recycling facilities

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