ECR08F50 - 8.0" x 50' Special Surface Vacuum Rolls - WITH CORE (12/case)

Rolls are 50 feet long, by 8 inches wide. These are textured vacuum sealer bags, perfect for the home Food Saver style vacuum sealers. Each case comes with 12 rolls.

Highlights of IMPAK’s food-saver channel bags:

  • All food grade
  • When vacuum sealed, gives an air-tight hermetic seal
  • Keeps food fresh 4 to 5 times longer than storage bags do in the refrigerator
  • Made with top-grade Nylon/Linear low-density polyethylene (NY/LLDPE), superior quality 3.5~5 mil material with texture design
  • Can be used with FoodSaver brand sealers, easy to use with any external clamp vacuum sealer.
  • Competitive price – high-cost saving (compare with FoodSaver bags)
  • Great bags for keeping your food fresh up to 5 times longer
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